Background'Batch' stands as a living testament to architectural preservation and urban revitalisation. The adaptive reuse of the historic Balfour's Bakery building into modern apartments exemplifies a harmonious blend of historic charm and contemporary comfort. Carefully retaining the original terrazzo flooring and exposed brick walls, 'Batch' allows residents to step into a bygone era while enjoying the luxuries of today.
Expansive windows flood the apartments with natural light, offering glimpses of the ever changing panorama of vibrant Adelaide.

Target audience
Batch is tailored for young urban professionals or couples who appreciates Adelaide's historic charm seamlessly blended with contemporary design. They value convenient access to work, entertainment, and the vibrant social scene of the city. Batch offers the perfect blend of history and contemporary urban living for individuals or couples looking to immerse themselves in the dynamic energy of city life.

Challenge: To create a brochure that is driven by a concept inspired by history.
The brochure for Batch embodies the concept of "Keeping History Alive" by embracing the nostalgia of compiling achievements and memories in a scrapbook style visual collage.The scrapbook style collage intertwines vintage photographs of the historic landmark with modern elements, symbolizing the seamless integration of history with contemporary urban living.

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